Savannah cat price, Its nickname is Savannah, It is produced by the cross breed of  African serval cat (sire) and domestic cat (maternal) mating.

Before describing the Savannah cat price, the first thing is to know the different characteristics of this unusual cat breed.

savannah cat price

Appearance Of The Savannah Cat Price

  • Savannah Cat Looks – From the emergence, Savannah cat looks like a serval cat; it can be said to be a narrow version of the serval cat! It is very tall, thin body, belonging to the hybrid series of varieties!
  • Savannah Cat Jump – Savannah cat has a long thigh and neck, compared with the body, the head is minuscule, ears broad and long. It has a high bounce, at least you can jump to more than two meters, casually jumped at home, it can reach the top of the cabinet.
    GenerationMale PriceFemale PriceServal Percentage
    F1 Savannah$12,000 - $16,000$15,000 - $20,000~ 50%
    F2 Savannah$4,000 - $8,000$4,000 - $9,000~ 30%
    F3 Savannah$1,500 - $4,000$1,000 - $4,000~ 19%
    F4 Savannah$1,000 to $2,500$1,000 to $2,500~ 19%
    F5 Savannah$1,000 - $2,500$1,000 to $2,500~ 11%
    Savannah cat mainly live in the Savannah area, so like to play in the water, and some even learned to swim.
Growing Savannah cat in the tropics is very smart, as long as the owner a little more patience, they can quickly teach them some action, such as sitting down and lying down and shake hands.

savannah cat price range

Savannah Cat Price, Shape And Characteristics

Savannah cat and serval cat has the same hair, the bottom was golden yellow, brown and light, with a mottled pattern. Its body is attached to beautiful markings, its hair as soft as cotton velvet, the limbs developed, clear lines, whole body full of wild taste which other cats can not match.

The Head Of Savannah Cat

It has a triangular head, large ears, ears high, at the top of the head, his eyes wider spacing. The eye color is unique, very dark; especially vivid colors are the best. Nose slightly convex, not flat, the nose color is brick red and black! Its lips are black!

Coat Color Of Savannah Cat

savannah cat price f4

It has a variety of hair colors, which is mostly golden yellow, cream or sand color, but also with pure black or dark brown markings.

There are a small number of tropical grassland cats are silver tabby, they have a white fur, irregularBecause in the prairie, the countries of the cat’s genes are different, you may have random colors such as chocolate, cinnamon, blue or red. The hair is short and thick.

Limbs Of Savannah Cat

Savannah cat lighter ribs, thigh, and the height ratio is greater than elsewhere, a long neck and thick. The arms are slender, hind legs longer than the front legs, with well-developed muscles. Its toes are long; the tail length is moderate and thick and thin.

Savannah cat Habits

Savannah cat growth time is three years, the first two years is the development of bones, the third year is the time to grow muscle. Savannah cat’s average life expectancy is about 17 to 20 years, Savannah Cat also has a cat appearance and the character of the cat is very popular.

Its ability to jump unyielding is a particularly smart dog. It is gentle nature, it is the best member of the family.

savannah cat price f3

Savannah Cat Temperament

Compared to a typical cat, the Savannah Cat is social, loyal, and it is a hybrid of domestic cats and wild cats, which makes it an active vivid coat of color different from the ordinary cat. Savannah Cat is beautiful for a billionaire looking for an elegant pet. Acting more like a dog, the Savannah Cat combines the ability to learn with loyalty, intelligence, and stunning learning skills, making it the “hound” of the cat world.

How To Feed Savannah Cat?

The feeding of Savannah and other cat are not different; it is best to feed cat food to Savannah as compared to other domestic cats, Savannah cats growing longer, therefore, recommended that owners can add some vitamin or calcium and other nutrients in cat food, which can help the healthy growth.

In fact, breeding Savannah cat is a tricky thing. After many years of training experiments, and paid a lot of hard-earned money, was able to reproduce the quality of the tropical grassland cat.

Savannah Cat Price

savannah cat price f1

Savannah cats when the Cubs are very familiar with the world, due to more complicated breeding, the market supply is less, people who want to buy this cat, they need to register in advance of this first breeding Savannah cat price.

However, each Savannah Cat price range between $4,000 to $10,000, and its unique charm makes it one of the most expensive pet.

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