The Lovebirds for sale price depends upon the kind of breed, health, origin, age, and so many other characteristics to study before buying the Lovebirds parrots.

The Lovebird also called Peony parrot, couple bird, and it is the smallest species of all the most beautiful, although love birds do not like the general parrot to learn the language so well, but also many people choose to keep one of the reasons.

An Idealogical Approach About Lovebirds For Sale?

However, raising a small peony parrots to have a lot of small details to note, let us work together today to understand the little knowledge of love birds it.

What Is The Lovebirds For Sale Price?

The lovebirds for sale price in the U.S.A. varies from $50 to $200, while its price is changing in other regions of the world.

During the breeding season will be composed of about 20-80 groups, nature is very noisy, often have not seen their tracks will first hear the shrill chirping; they usually will gather in large farming areas, forage millet, corn and cereal crops, sometimes up to hundreds.

Usually, they like to feed mostly on the ground, very lively and bold personality, you can approach them nearby, they have seasonal migration habits, often nomadic nature Bird species, the location of activities entirely depending on whether food is sufficient or not.

An Idealogical Approach About Lovebirds For Sale stare

What Are The Living Attitude Of Lovebirds?

Mainly grass seeds on the ground, berries, fruits, plant shoots for food. They also regularly go to the farming areas foraging crops, causing considerable damage.

What Are The Habitat Environment Of Lovebirds?

The primary habitat in the bushes and acacia species distribution in the plateau region, between the various meters to 2000 meters 1100 palm trees and several other forest distribution thorn plexus open area, open grassland and land-farming area Wait.

What Are The Characteristics Of Lovebirds?

Peony parrot bird lovers have said that the lovebirds have nine varieties are existing, out of them the more valuable the artificial breeding birds.

Common types of glass waist peony parrot (brown head Peony parrot), yellow collar Black Peony parrot (Black Peony parrot), gold hearts Peony parrot (peach face yellow peony parrot), Sakura brother Peony parrot (peach face Green Peony parrot) and Blue Peony parrots and other varieties.

An Idealogical Approach About Lovebirds For Sale eatup

Peony parrots can be artificial breeding, feathers beautiful, so loved by birds. A year can multiply, generally 3 to 5 litter, laying eggs 4 to 6 per nest, but also bring considerable economic benefits.

Lovebirds are a very attractive and affectionate animal. They are called “parrots with peach-faced lovers, peony parrots, yellow-peony parrots and white-faced love birds.”

Why The Lovebirds Also Called Couple birds?

An Idealogical Approach About Lovebirds For Sale stand

Also known as Couple parrots in the German language because of their loving nature named are familiar with the name of Couples parrots will be inseparable with the partner, dependency phase nestled, and more will be together for life.

What Is The Appearance Of The Lovebirds?

Peony parrots are generally about 15 cm in length, weight 40 to 50 grams. Red beak, eye, and core white.

The head is dark brown, with a red, yellow band around the neck. Upper chest light green, back, and wing for the green, wing-side was black, tail green, gray feet. Another brown head Peony parrot head is brown, commonly known as a brown head peony.

An Idealogical Approach About Lovebirds For Sale whaaat

The parrot body is green, forehead, between the bird’s beak and eyes, cheeks, throat is orange; head and head behind the olive green; chest and neck above the orange; body on both sides, abdomen, tail median coverts yellow-green, blue above the tail; wings median coverts blue-green ; eyes wide outer circle of coarse white eyes, red beak, iris brown. Chicks darker in color, a beak with black.


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