History And Origin Of The German Shepherd Puppies

The origin of the German Shepherd Puppies goes back to Germany, as they were found in the rest of Europe at the end of the 19th century, where also a separate dog breed developed. A first breed standard was established in 1891, in which Max von Stephanitz divided the dog breed into three classes:

History And Origin Of The German Shepherd Puppies

  • Longhaired shepherd dogs
  • rough-haired shepherd dogs
  • smooth haired shepherd dogs.

Max von Stephanitz was also the president of the first association for German Shepherds – founded in 1899.

First registered a dog in the studbook of the Association for German Shepherd Dogs was the Hütehund bought by Stephanitz in 1898. In 1929, the Commonwealth government forbade the importation of the German Shepherd because they were afraid that by doing this it would be able to mix the German Shepherd dog with the Australian Dingo. And in 1974 this law was repealed in the court of justice.

In the First World War almost 30,000 German Shepherd dogs were used on the front, and later, the possession of such a dog was almost fashionable.

Even in concentration camps, the German shepherd was used. This dog breed has around 200,000 copies which were used worldwide in World War II. Due to the anti-German attitude of Great Britain, the German Shepherd was called “Alsatian” into 1977.

Appearance of German Shepherd Puppies


History And Origin Of The German Shepherd Puppies black yellow

With a withers height of 55-65cm and a weight of up to about 40kg, the German Shepherd belongs to the dogs, which due to its imposing appearance inspires so many people to respect. It has pointed stems, which are carried upright forward. The dark eyes are slightly oblique.

The snout is stretched. Only black noses are permitted. The bushy rod hangs down. The coat of the German Shepherd dog is black, gray or red yellow, whereby it can be both monochromes and with different badges. White Shepherd Dogs belong to their dog breed.

The coat of the German Shepherd dog is stock hair with dense under Wolves as well as tightly fitting, straight coat hair. Long-haired hair types were also included in the standard. The fur is extremely weather resistant. The German Shepherd has an average life expectancy of 12-13 years.

Nature and character of the German Shepherd Puppies


History And Origin Of The German Shepherd Puppies security

It is a very self-confident, robust, resilient and attentive dog. He can also be attributed to the qualities of loyalty, attachment, and prudence. Because of his leadership as well as his intelligence as well as his vigilance and willingness to work, the German Shepherd dog can be used in many ways.

It is used as a guard dog; the dog finds his employment with the police as well as with different rescue services. Like a guide dog, this dog is just as good as a blindfold and a rescue dog. But also as a family dog, this is suitable, although it should not be left alone with small children.

Furthermore, German Shepherd dog is a persevering athlete who is grateful for any movement. A sport like agility is the ideal form of exercise for mental as well as the physical fitness of the quadruped.

The German shepherd is willing to learn but needs for its great self-consciousness a steady hand; that is a very consistent dog training. He can socialize well with fellow-citizens.

Likeness And Dislikeness Of The German Shepherd Puppies

History And Origin Of The German Shepherd Puppies Legendary


He loves heat less; he prefers cooler temperatures. Also, it is not infrequently prone to allergies as well as joint problems. The most well-known weakness of this dog’s breed are the hips and elbows, for hip joint and elbow dysplasia are frequent.

When to buy a German Shepherd dog this weakness of the dog should also address, or can confirm that by precisely the breeding over several generations free these genetic defects.

Since the German Shepherd is a very active dog, he needs many and natural movements to be a balanced, peaceable representative of his dog. Its fur is easy to clean; occasional brushing is enough.

However, it must be noted that, despite the short coat, he tends to hair. Whether the food the right dog food is for the German Shepherd, you can see how almost all breeds, even the shine of the coat. Of course, you should routinely disfigure, vaccinate and examine your dog.


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